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Frequently Asked Questions

The Heritage Council and Registration

What is the role of the Heritage Council of WA?

The Heritage Council of Western Australia is the State Government’s advisory body on heritage matters. It is vested with functions and powers under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990. The Heritage Council is charged with the compilation of the State’s Register of Heritage Places.

The State Heritage Office is the Department that supports the Heritage Council and the Minister for Heritage.

What is the State Register?

The State Register is a statutory list of places that represent the story of Western Australia’s history and development. Entry in the Register is reserved for places of State cultural heritage significance. The Register acknowledges the value and importance of a place, and helps promote its conservation into the future. At present, there are 1,360 places in the State Register.

Who decides what should be entered in the State Register?

The Heritage Council of WA’s role is to determine State significance. The Minister for Heritage makes the final decision on whether a place is entered in the State Register.


Heritage Significance and West End Boundary

What is the heritage significance of West End, Fremantle?

The West End of Fremantle is an area rich in history and heritage. It is a highly intact port city business district with a fine, cohesive collection of buildings predominantly dating from Western Australia’s gold-boom expansion era (1890s-1900s). Together the places within this area help tell the story of the development of Fremantle and also Western Australia. Further information can be found in the Register Entry and Assessment Documentation for West End, Fremantle.

Why has this area been entered in the Register?

There are many important heritage places in and around West End, Fremantle many of which have already been recognised for the contribution they make to the State's history and development in their own right. Amongst these are Round House & Arthur Head Reserve (1830-31), Victoria Quay (1829+), St John’s Anglican Church (1879), Fremantle Town Hall (1887), and Fremantle Railway Station (1907). View the map showing the registered places in the western end of Fremantle for further details.

These places have important stories to tell, however they largely date from before or after the height of the gold boom era, and are not associated as closely with the port city’s business district. West End, Fremantle represents a unique and highly intact part of the western end of Fremantle with the various elements and streetscapes clearly demonstrating the gold boom era in Fremantle.

What is a heritage precinct?

A heritage precinct is a place where the relationship between a number of buildings and spaces create a special sense of place and together tells a particular story.


Benefits of Registration

What are the benefits of registration?

With its rich history the West End of Fremantle is already promoted as a heritage precinct. Entry in the Register may serve to further enhance the area’s profile as a tourist precinct with the potential to increase visitor numbers, and therefore the potential for increased business. In addition, studies have shown that registration has a generally positive effect on property values, particularly in precincts.

Private owners of State Registered places are able to apply for funding to help with the cost of conservation planning or projects through the Heritage Council’s annual Grants Program.  Places on the State Register are eligible to be nominated for the Western Australian Heritage Awards. Our grants and incentives page has further information.

Why enter the West End in the State Register if the place is already protected by the City of Fremantle and the Local Planning Scheme?

Entry in the State Register acknowledges the importance of the place to Western Australia as a whole, and enables the Heritage Council to be included in discussions about maintaining its cultural heritage values now and in the future.


Developing Registered Places

What does entry in the State Register mean for West End, Fremantle?

Entry in the Register recognises and celebrate the unique heritage values of the West End and offers protection under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990, ensuring any major changes proposed for the place maintains its cultural heritage significance.

Can I still make changes to my place now that West End has been entered in the State Register?

Yes. The entry of a place in the State Register does not prevent an owner from making changes to their property. Owners will continue to discuss their project ideas and apply to the City of Fremantle for approval to any development proposal as required under the Local Planning Scheme. Applications for routine and minor changes will be handled by the City of Fremantle under a delegation from the Heritage Council as the proposal relates to the heritage aspects of the project. The City will refer more significant proposals that may involve things such as major new buildings or demolition to the Heritage Council for advice.  The Heritage Council will advise the City on the heritage aspects of the proposal in light of the West End’s State values.  Referrals to the Heritage Council such as these are usually handled within the City’s normal time frame so there is no delay in decisions on development applications.

Owners can also discuss their projects with the State Heritage Office Development team should they wish to seek advice when preparing their plans.

Our conservation and development page has further information on developing heritage places.


Other General Information

Does registration affect ownership/public access?

No. Registration does not in any way affect ownership or public access to your property.

What is the role of the City of Fremantle in the stakeholder engagement process?

The State Heritage Office will continue to work closely with the City of Fremantle throughout the stakeholder engagement process. However, the Heritage Council of Western Australia, as the body vested with functions and powers under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990, and the State Heritage Office as the Department that supports the Heritage Council and the Minister for Heritage, are responsible for engaging with stakeholders on registration. The City of Fremantle will provide support and assistance where appropriate.

Now that the statutory period for comments has closed (Friday 27 January 2017) the Heritage Council will consider whether to recommend permanent registration to the Minister for Heritage. Further information about the process is provided in the registration process flow chart.

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If you have further questions, or would like to receive information about the proposed permanent registration of West End, Fremantle, please contact us.

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