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Search Tips

Search for:

  • a single place name keyword
  • the street name (no number, no 'road', 'street' etc.)
  • suburb name

If a keyword isn't found, please try shortening the keyword (e.g. removing plurals, extra characters, punctuation) and checking for possible misspellings.

For the simple search, use only one field, for best results. So the key to searching inHerit is to 'keeping your searches simple'.

More specific help on searching:

  • Use one short and unique keyword (e.g. "Mechanic" will find "Mechanical", "Mechanics" and "Mechanic's" in their titles.
  • You do not need to put the whole character string into a search field (e.g. search Victoria in the place name field, not "Queen Victoria Building")
  • Place names change over time so it is advisable to use broad terms. E.g. place name search "Matso" will find Matso’s Store & Captain Gregory’s House in Broome, which has previously been known as Union Bank and Streeter’s No.2 Store, and currently houses Matso’s Brewery and Monsoon Gallery.
  • If you enter data into two or more fields, the result is an x AND y search (e.g. a place search for "Adelaide" street, in the suburb "Fremantle" will only search for places that are both on a street called "Adelaide AND in the suburb of Fremantle.
  • Do not include street numbers, or the suffixes such as "street," "road," "rd" etc.
  • You can use abbreviations but it will give you less targeted searches. For example, a search for ‘Kal’ will find places in Kalgoorlie, Kalamunda, Kalumburu.
  • If you are unsure of the correct spelling of a place name, try using a generic term like Cathedral or Hall in the name search field and then type in the suburb or street name.
  • Watch out for the placement of apostrophes in place names. If you are uncertain, then use the singular term. E.g. "Matso", and not "Matsos".  
  • At the present time, searches cannot be conducted on the complete address (for example, Maritana Street, Kalgoorlie) or the C/T or lot-on-plan number. This functionality is expected to be made available in the future.

Advanced Search Tips

The Advanced Search allows you to refine your search criteria, and do multi-variable searches. Searches take two forms:

  • terms are selected from drop-down menus, or  
  • free-text fields are searched using a word or words are typed into the query box.

You enter data into two or more fields; the result is an x AND y search (eg. it will find places that are located in the City of Fremantle, AND are made from Construction Type = Stone).   It does not find the places that are either in the City of Fremantle OR Construction Type=Stone).

To open any field you want to search on, open the shade(s) of interest by clicking on them.

In the example below, the Place Type ‘shade’ has been opened, and the user has chosen to search for all Gardens in the database.



Can I find a place by its exact street number or Certificate of Title number?

No, not yet, searches cannot be conducted on exact addresses (eg. 14 Maritana St, Kalgoorlie), or on C/T or lot-on-plan numbers.  That will become available in a future enhancement.
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