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Guide to Engaging a Heritage Specialist

We have compiled a list of tips and suggestions to assist you when you engage a heritage business listed on inContact.  It is essential that you make your own assessment of the skills and expertise of your chosen business before you enter into a contract.


 Tick Check list
         Inspect the businesses' professional qualifications, memberships and accreditations.
Professions: Some professions require specific tertiary qualifications, a minimum period of practical experience, and may be required to register and comply with a board, membership or Act. Click here to view industry specific professional organisations, boards and memberships which will be able to assist with accreditation and enquiries.
Builders and Trades: Builders and some trades are required to be licensed, including builders, painters, plumbers, electricians, gas fitters, and those working in asbestos removal. The Department of Commerce has a handy guide on what occupations need to be licensed and also tips on hiring tradespeople and builders. Builders must be registered by the Building Commission to undertake building work worth $20 000 or more in Perth; most of the South West Land Division, except for the shires of Mukinbudin, Mt Marshall and Narambeen; and many town sites in the Eastern Goldfields, Esperance, Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley regions.
  Check the business or sole trader ABN. Check that a tradesperson or builder is licensed.
  Decide whether the business is suited to your project requirements. Ask to see a summary of skills, experience and references from previous clients.  Where possible, inspect examples of a business or sole trader’s work prior to commissioning any services.
  Check the availability of the business or sole trader to commence your project.
  Whenever possible and practical, arrange a site visit as part of the briefing process. For remote projects, arrange for relevant information to be provided.
  Before you obtain a quote, establish a scope of works. This usually consists of a detailed description of what is required, the services to be provided, the outcomes expected and the project timelines. Ensure that your budgetary constraints for the project are clearly outlined and what is included in the budget (for example is the budget inclusive of professional fees).
  Ask for a quote, which usually consists of a restatement of the scope of works, fees and costs, disbursements (such as printing and travel costs), exclusions and whether or not statutory fees and charges are included. Make sure it is clear whether GST is included. If the project is in a regional area and the specialist is not local, ask about travel costs and the frequency of visits because travel costs can mount up.
  If applicable, request evidence that relevant insurances are in place, such as public liability, professional indemnity, workers compensation and insurance of the works. If in doubt about what is required, discuss insurance with your broker and obtain professional advice.
  Ensure you understand what is being offered by the business. Always read the terms and conditions, which can vary considerably from one business to another and may include such conditions as payment upfront.
  Assess the offer by a business and remember that cost is not necessarily the best means of selecting a business.
  Make sure there is a written agreement or contract with the business which finalises the scope of works, services, costs and timelines. Establish your obligations as a property owner and supply the necessary information to the business to assist them in formalising the agreement and costs.

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