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2013-14 Heritage Grants recipients

Successful recipients of the 2013-14 Heritage Grants Program

Belay Farm Group, Walkaway (1858)
One of WA’s early farm complexes, the heritage grant will assist in re-roofing, repairing joinery and the cracked walls of the 1882 mill.

Bond Store and Magistrate's Office (fmr), Busselton (1856)
Busselton’s earliest surviving civic building will receive assistance to repair its windows, doors and roof.

Cygnet Cinema, Como (1938)
One of Perth’s remaining operational 1930s cinemas will receive assistance to upgrade its electrical wiring and fire prevention system as it migrates to digital technology.

District Medical Officer's Quarters (fmr), Port Hedland (1907)
As part of its adaptation into a café, the building will have its roof replaced, joinery repaired and floor restored.

Drew Robinson Building, Albany (1891)
Part of the Stirling Terrace Precinct, the former Drew Robinson & Co building will have its original façade restored and the first floor windows refurbished.

Freemasons Hotel, Bridgetown (1905)
The Freemasons Hotel will be re-roofed and have its gutters replaced, to prevent further water damage to the ceiling and interior of this iconic tourist attraction.

Fremantle Post Office, Fremantle (1907)
The three-storey post office will be re-roofed and missing finials and decorative elements will be reinstated, thus returning the building to its original splendour.

London Court, Perth (1937)
London Court is undergoing extensive conservation work with this heritage grant assisting in works to the decorative elements, tiling and windows along the north east façade.

Macaulay House, Cottesloe (1898)
The heritage grant will assist in reconstructing the pitched ‘witch’s hat’ that once adorned this fine residence, thus restoring the home to its original design.

Model Brick House, Floreat (1934)
Built as a demonstration home using donated materials and labour during the Depression, the heritage grant will assist in repairs to joinery and rendering.

Norseman Post Office, Norseman (1897)
The heritage grant will fund a Conservation Management Strategy to identify and prioritise conservation works, including addressing a severe rising damp and defective roof problem.

Old Treasury Buildings – Postal Hall, Perth (1874 -1904)
A 2012 heritage grant assisted in repairing the defective roof that allowed water to penetrate the ceiling, damaging original plasterwork. This grant will assist in restoring the plasterwork.
Parker & Parker Building, 21 Howard St, Perth (1905)
A Conservation Management Plan will be developed for the 1905 building to identify its heritage significance and provide clear guidance for its sustainable future.

Scots Presbyterian Church, Fremantle (1890)
A recipient of previous grants, this heritage grant will assist in the completion of the final stage restoration of brickwork, sills and louvres of the church’s landmark belltower.

Septimus Burt Boatshed , Freshwater Bay Boatsheds, Peppermint Grove (1905)
Part of the historic Freshwater Bay Boatsheds, the Septimus Burt Boatshed will undergo urgent re-piling and jetty refurbishment work.

St Catherine's Anglican Church
St Catherine's Anglican Church, Greenough (1914)
Part of the Historic Greenough Hamlet, the heritage grant will assist in repairing rendering, cracked walls and installation of a damp course.

Swanbourne Hospital Heritage Conservation Area, Swanbourne (1904)
As part of its adaptation into an aged care facility, this grant will assist in the cost of removing extensive graffiti spread throughout the interior and exterior of all buildings.

The Weld Club, Perth (1892)
The heritage grant will assist in the installation of fire detection and sprinkler systems to lessen the risk of fire damage to this iconic building.
Tudor Lodge, Mount Lawley (1922)
Formerly a model ‘home-like’ children's hostel, the Tudor Lodge is undertaking conservation work on its brickwork and verandah piers, and installing a damp course.

Villa Carlotta, Busselton (1897)
The heritage grant will allow a Conservation Management Strategy to be developed to identify and prioritise the works required to fully restore the former residence, convent and school.

York Primary School (fmr), York (1921)
Now a successful medical centre, the heritage grant will assist in undertaking extensive repairs to the external Pavilion Classroom to enable it to be used as a training room.

14 Karri Rise, Pemberton (Pemberton Timber Mill Workers’ Cottages Precinct)
As part of the Pemberton Timber Mill Workers’ Cottages Precinct, 14 Karri Rise and 23 Kelly Street were constructed in the 1920s. The heritage grants will allow the restumping of both residences and reboarding of the verandah at 14 Karri Rise.

23 Kelly Street, Pemberton (Pemberton Timber Mill Workers’ Cottages Precinct)
As part of the Pemberton Timber Mill Workers’ Cottages Precinct, 14 Karri Rise and 23 Kelly Street were constructed in the 1920s.The heritage grants will allow the restumping of both residences and replacement of the front stair at 23 Kelly Street.
22-26 Pakenham St, Fremantle (1907)
Part of the West End Conservation Area, the warehouse’s original windows and joinery will be restored, critical for its contemporary use as artists studios and exhibition space.
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