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Nominations Open
Heritage Council, Register and Development Committees

Nominations are being sought for positions on the Heritage Council of Western Australia and its Register and Development Committees.

One position is available on the Heritage Council, and four on each of the Register and Development Committees.

The Heritage Council is the State’s advisory body on cultural heritage matters and focuses on places that are significant to the Western Australian community.

The nine-member Heritage Council is responsible for fulfilling a range of functions under section 7 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990, including in summary to:

            •    Advise the Minister for Heritage on heritage-related matters.
            •    Maintain the State Register of Heritage Places.
            •    Provide heritage advice to referring parties and agencies.
            •    Provide or facilitate financial or technical assistance.
            •    Prevent the destruction, deterioration of or damage to heritage places.
            •    Undertake the recording, conservation and presentation of heritage places.
            •    Encourage public interest in and understanding of the cultural heritage of the State.
            •    Promote or provide education and training.

The Council is supported by the Register and Development Committees, which comprise Heritage Councillors and other members with relevant and complementary skills and experience. Whilst the representatives are not members of the Heritage Council, they play an important role in assisting the Council with its decision-making.

The Register Committee determines the priority of assessment for all places nominated to the State Register; reviews assessment documentation of places under consideration; and makes recommendations to the Minister for Heritage of places deemed to have State level cultural heritage significance.

The Development Committee provides heritage advice to decision-making authorities, such as local governments, on large-scale developments or complex projects, except when a project is particularly sensitive in which case it is dealt with by the full Council.

The Council and both committees are supported by the State Heritage Office, which delivers the day-to-day functions of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990.

Presently, the Council and its Committees comprise members with expertise in governance, cultural heritage, heritage architecture and conservation, interpretation, property development, real estate, local government, history, property valuation, archaeology and town planning.  To view the current Council and committee composition, please click here (takes them to Council profile page).

Application requirements

Applicants must have a demonstrated up-to-date knowledge of or experience in heritage matters, and demonstrated current knowledge, experience, skills or qualifications in one or more of the following fields:

Archaeology; architecture; construction; engineering; governance; history; heritage conservation or interpretation;  property ownership, development or marketing; urban and regional planning; and local government. 
It is also desirable that applicants have experience serving on boards and committees, or are knowledgeable about corporate governance and fiduciary responsibilities.

Applicants should be prepared to make a substantial commitment in terms of time and expertise to ensuring that Council fulfills its statutory obligations.

If appointed to the Heritage Council, the successful nominee will be required to attend monthly Heritage Council meetings; be involved in Heritage Council sub-committees; attend Heritage Council events and, on occasion, represent the Council at local or regional meetings.  Council meetings are held on the second Friday of each month  from 9am for approximately three hours.

If appointed to either the Register or Development Committee, the representative will be required to attend monthly committee meetings. The Register Committee meeting is held the last Friday of each month from 12pm and the Development Committee meetings are held on the third or fourth Tuesday of each month from 9am.

The 2017 Meeting Dates are detailed below:

Heritage Council
Friday 9AM
Register Committee
  Friday 12PM
Development Committee
  Tuesday 9AM
No meeting January No meeting January 24 January
10 February 24 February 28 February
10 March 31 March 28 March
07 April 28 April 02 May
05 May 26 May 30 May
09 June 30 June 27 June
14 July 28 July 25 July
11 August 25 August 22 August
08 September 29 September 26 September
13 October 27 October 24 October
10 November 24 November 28 November
08 December 08 December 19 December

The new member of the Council shall be appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the Minister for Heritage.  An appointment will not necessarily be restricted to those persons who have notified an interest, and consideration will be given to applicants with skills that will complement the composition of the Council.

Members of the Register and Development Committees are appointed by the Minister for Heritage.

The term of appointment will be at the discretion of the Minister for Heritage up to a maximum term of 5 years.

Members and representatives are paid an annual stipend and sitting fees for designated committees and, where applicable, travelling costs will be reimbursed.

To submit a nomination

Nominations must be lodged by close of business on Wednesday 17 May 2017.

The nomination must include:
             •   A covering letter of no more than two pages detailing the reasons for wishing to become a Heritage Councillor or Committee member, and indicating which position is being sought.
             •   A curriculum vitae or brief profile of the nominee, including qualifications and background, experience and work history, and the nominee’s full name and home address;
             •   Letters of support for the nomination or references including the names and contact details of  referees (individuals or groups); and
             •   Nominee’s signed consent to the nomination.

Further details on membership of the Heritage Council of Western Australia can be obtained by contacting Graeme Gammie, Executive Director State Heritage Office, on 6552 4000 or

Nominations may be hand delivered, posted, faxed or sent by electronic mail to:

Graeme Gammie
Executive Director
State Heritage Office
Bairds Building, 491 Wellington St, Perth
PO Box 7479 Cloisters Square PO WA 6850  
Tel: (08) 6552 4000


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