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Heritage Advisory Services

Note: Further funding of the State’s subsidy to operate a heritage advisory service is on hold until the State budget is issued in September 2017.  While local governments are encouraged to continue to operate a heritage advisory service, it should be noted that if a subsidy does become available it will not act retrospectively.

A new approach to heritage advisory services for local governments

The Heritage Council in association with the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) is providing local governments greater choice and flexibility in finding their preferred consultant through a new approach to heritage advisory services.

Local governments can now operate heritage advisory services by engaging a heritage advisor, working with them to build a heritage strategy and implementing the resulting actions. 

Further information on the benefits of a heritage advisory service, how to engage a heritage advisor and how to develop a heritage strategy are contained in the following documents:

1.  Overview
2.  Providing a Heriage Advisory Service
3.  FAQs
4.  Engaging a Heritage Advisor
5.  The Heritage Strategy
6.  Heritage Strategy Template

To assist in finding a suitably qualified heritage consultant, WALGA has established a Preferred Supplier Panel, which will list consultants who have been approved to offer heritage advisory services. Local governments can now seek quotes through WALGA’s eQuotes system and engage the consultant that best matches their needs and budget. 

The Heritage Council recognises that many local governments, particularly in regional WA, have competing priorities that make it difficult to find sufficient resources to provide discretionary services such as a heritage advisory service. Eligible local governments will therefore be able to apply for a subsidy of up to 75% of costs, subject to available funding. 

The following documents explain the subsidy further, and provide an electronic application form that can be used to request a subsidy:

7. Applying for a Subsidy
8a. Subsidy Application Form (electronic version)
8b. Subsidy Application Form (manual version)

The electronic form may be submitted with an electronic signature, or may be printed and signed once completed.  Applications may be submitted by email, fax or post to the State Heritage Office:

fax:      (08) 6552 4001
post:    PO Box 7470, Cloisters Square PO, WA 6850
Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.  It should be noted that this is a competitive subsidy program and funding may not be available to all applicants.  An initial funding round is generally opened in May for applicants ready to operate a Heritage Advisory Service on 1 July.

For more information on accessing heritage advisory services, please contact Local Government Services at

inHerit - an online portal for heritage listings

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