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Brookman and Moir Streets Precinct

Brookman and Moir Brookman back Brookman back 2 Brookman After Brookman and Moir Street facade Brookman before 28 Brookman Street after 28 Brookman Street before Roof before Interior Brookman Roof
Judges' citation:

An inspirational story of how individuals can work together, by sharing knowledge and encouraging others, to restore and adapt their 1890s workers cottages, thus returning this significant streetscape to its original state. This award is dedicated to past and present owners, their heritage consultants and the City of Vincent.

Past and present owners of simple workers’ cottages within the Brookman and Moir Streets Precinct have been working individually and collectively over many years to conserve and sensitively adapt their homes which were in a poor condition.

This shared passion for restoring their homes has created a wonderful sense of community in the precinct as the owners have worked together to restore the streetscape back to its original condition in the 1890s.

In 2006, the 58 properties contained within the Brookman and Moir Streets Precinct were included in the State Register of Heritage Places. Since then, owners of nearly half the properties in the precinct (25 properties) have taken the initiative to restore and adapt their homes for contemporary living, undertaking works such as restumping, re-roofing, repairing structural cracks etc.

The property owners of the Brookman and Moir Streets Precinct have shared information and knowledge which has resulted in better conservation outcomes.

Watch Channel Seven's Today Tonight story on the Brookman and Moir Streets Precinct below.

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