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About inHerit

InHerit is a window into the cultural heritage of Western Australia. It brings into one space the results of the listing and survey of heritage places in WA over the past two decades.  

It combines descriptive and historical information, spatial information, and images of more than 23,000 cultural heritage places.  These include buildings, structures, gardens, cemeteries, landscapes and archaeological sites.  

More comprehensive lists of natural, maritime and indigenous heritage places are established under different legislation. Details of relevant registers and databases are provided in the table below.

InHerit holds information on statutory and non-statutory heritage listings, and the results of heritage surveys and studies. Listings include the State Register of Heritage Places, local governments municipal and heritage lists, and the National Heritage List.

inHerit allows you to:

  • Conduct searches to find information about specific places
  • See where places are located (in aerial maps and Streetview)
  • See all the listings applicable to a particular place, sorted for clarification (‘statutory listings’ and ‘other listings’)
  • Conduct searches for categories or classes of heritage places (eg. ‘find all the pastoral stations built in WA in the 1890s’).

inHerit is a service provided by the State Heritage Office.  Data content is maintained and updated in collaboration with local governments, as custodians of local heritage place data.  The system is set up to enable more external custodians (other than the State Heritage Office and local governments) to make use of inHerit for similar purposes, and that is likely to occur in due course.

Launched in 2012, inHerit is the way of the future in managing data about heritage places and heritage listings in WA.


organisation legislation find these places and areas
Aboriginal heritage places
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
Aboriginal Heritage Act
Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System
Maritime heritage (shipwrecks and related relics)
Maritime Museum of Western Australia
Maritime Archaeology Act
Wreck Finder
Natural heritage places (national parks, state forest, bushland, other reserves etc.)
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
Park Finder



inHerit - an online portal for heritage listings

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